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Aug 2013

Lately, I was reflecting why I had studied engineering, and not art or design. (I had studied mathematics for some time, but switched backed to engineering. However, mathematics is already closer to design and art too.)

My conclusion is that I enjoy the products of engineering: Mainly their functions, but in a sense the emotional rewards that certain products bring. In the case of electronic engineering, I mostly enjoyed music and sound processing devices. In general, I enjoyed communication devices, like radio or modems for communication via computers. The web revolutionized all communication devices, and fascination with products from Philips or Sony turned into fascination of products from Apple and Unix.

Making good products requires some kind of philosophy or culture. It is difficult to say how it works, but for sure products just mirror the context where they were created. Therefore, good products involve design thinking, looking at humans from different angles, and filtering certain aspects from our senses, how we feel or see things, or how we “experience” things.

And here the circle closes: Culture and design are based on communication. Good products are based on communication. It is here where I want to try out something new: A newsfeed for sharing ideas on product design. Since I suspect most product designers today work in a startup environment, I want to dedicate the site Munich Technology Partners to startups too: mtpartners.de

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