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Oct 2013

How amazing to experience a conference at the borders of design, art and technology. It was especially fascinating to merge with the flow of the speakers and the audience , who are driven by ideas on design and innovation. Here, 8 hours of talks feel like 10 seconds, and coming home, you feel full of energy to shape the world.

One of the most inspiring messages were about play, discovery and learning. The speakers showed a lot of impressing examples of their works. However, maybe more interesting, were the many ways of how they failed.

A notable talk came from the field design agency. At the beginning of the talk, the speaker mentioned that ideas from art, design and theory would be discussed. Interesting, because when you enter a certain daily routine in your life, words like “theory” or “art” are not often used. “Design” is used sometimes, but not so much in the sense of understanding and discovery, but more as an instrument to hide costs or emotions.

The original goal of the talk by field.io is nicely summarized on the conference website However, a lot of personal experiences came to light that happen when you work on something new and creative. And especially interesting, the speaker mentioned strategies to cope with failure and the outside perception of the creative process.

Audiences of digital products almost never have a good feeling what they want. Therefore, a design process should be about inquiry. An important point was, that inquiry is not measured in weeks, but rather in months or years. That is why we need to have long-term goals: They are our personal frameworks to question the world and guide our ambitions.

Having personal inquiries also implies that the same questions are asked over and over again. We will find new variations of existing answers. As a side-effect, we might find exactly the output that we get paid for as creative workers, as software developers or artists.

Thanks, Markus Wendt, Mariana Santos, Wes Grubbs for amazing talks today, and the push conference team for an amazing conference!

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