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Jan 2013

The more I am getting into Ruby and Rails development, the more I experience that blogs help, inspire, connect, do business. So, it’s getting time to redefine my voice in the web, share memes on programming and web evolution. Maybe this post might inspire you or is helpful to you. Here is what inspired me and helped me:

  • First, my motivation to share ideas in a blog was re-energized by meeting bloggers on conferences (BaRuCo, RuPy) and in the web, e.g. some include posts on Chef by Nathen Harvey, Rails posts by Steve Klabnik, BDD posts by Matt Wynne, Alex Osterwalder on redefining business strategy, and last but not leasts product/software/devop posts by 37signals

  • When I restarted my blogging activities on blogger some weeks ago, I came across an article by Alex Payne, on how he ended up on hosting his blog on github pages. My last blogging activities were based on; but programmers like editors, source control, and control of details in layouts and JavaScript interaction. So, time to say goodbye to

  • Somehow, I was reminded that in the Sinatra book by Konstantin Haase some Git/Sinatra workflow for blogging was mentioned. I tried this workflow, but Sinatra support on Github pages seems not to be the cutting edge. (If someone knows why, let me know). So, the cutting edge is Jekyll, a static site generator that “transforms your text into a monster”.

Luckily, it took not much, to let Jekyll render the words you are reading here, from my editor to your web browser, because of 2 great web resources:

  1. The Jekyll parent blog of this blog came from Sirupsen, who has put together a lot of nice design details into his templates.
  2. A small overview on how to add all kinds of widgets to your blog, such as comments, Twitter links, and more:

Well, let me know what you think! I am happy to find out more about you readers, how you came hear, what you find helpful, when you read this. That’s all for now.

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